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What is a babysitting coop?

A Coop is a group of members who agree to trade babysitting hours on a point basis. The Coop provides one-call customer service. No more hunting and begging for a sitter. Make that appointment without even checking. It works. You can depend on it. And the sitter will always be a trusted friend.

When you request a sitter, you spend points. When you sit for another member, you earn points. Just call for a sitter whenever you need some time off. This saves you not only money but sanity as well.

Returning members

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Why do I need one?

The main reason most parents form babysitting coops is to save money on sitters. It's a trade instead of a paid service, you get babysitting or other services in return for providing babysitting for others. And this can be easier than you think, since watching other peoples' kids is less of a stretch when you're already home watching your own. As your children get older, shared babysitting can actually feel more like trading playdates. The children are occupied playing together, which gives you more time to yourself.

Besides not having to pay, joining a coop assures you that your children will be looked after by the best kind of sitter, another parent you know and trust. Your kids know each other and play together. It's actually better than having a babysitter come over because it's a treat for the kids to get to visit a friend's house and over time become close friends.

We wrote the book!

The Smart Mom's Babysitting Coop Handbook is the number one selling book on babysitting coops! It is the number one authority on babysitting coops. The book has everything you need to do your own Coop after one meeting with three friends. Discover how best friends make the best babysitters. If two or three sitter are good, ten or twelve are even better! Get your copy now.

When each member has their own book, the coop has fewer questions, fewer phone calls, and fewer issues. The best reason to get the book is that it does all the recruiting for the Coop. No need to be a salesperson-let the book do that! It is important to get everyone on the same page. Most important, the book is a part of the coop that you take with you. Keep it so you can bring it out to show other members how it worked back in the day.